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View From The Top - Articles about the Rope Access Industry

How Safe is Your Inspection ?

When there’s a safety inspection to perform in a difficult access place, it often involves surveying from the ground level. Why is that? Because getting to the hard to reach places are just that – hard. As a result, however, the building inspections are not very accurate; estimations are made but you don’t truly know if you can trust them…

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Rope Access Skills and Training

When you’ve got rope access technicians working at twenty stories off of the ground maintaining your building, experience is everything.
Rope access is becoming a very important aspect of exterior building maintenance because of the savings in cost; but the reason that rope access specialists have got everyone’s attention is because they are skilled trades and abseilers combined.

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Scaffolding versus Rope Access

When you need building maintenance completed and the building is taller than just a few stories, there are usually only two options available to get high access: scaffolding hire or a rope access company. There are costs that are involved with any kind of building maintenance, so it’s important to look at the two options carefully to see why rope access is so much more affordable.

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Special Skills for Special Jobs

There are times when a company working at height needs something specialised. A scaffold isn’t always going to help get the job done because the time to set up the scaffolding defeats the idea of getting the job done quickly. And a cherry picker simply can’t get high enough to access some buildings. In these circumstances, the only ones that can the job done are rope access companies.

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Maintaining a Modern High Rise or Tall Building

There are many specific maintenance tasks on a high rise that need to be regularly accomplished, including window cleaning, inspections and even structural repair. There are challenges that arise simply from the maintenance solutions that are set up to help, including the cost of maintenance, the obtrusiveness of equipment required and the security risks.

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Save Money on Building Surveys

A building survey is an important preliminary step to doing any kind of building repair work and when it’s done accurately, the cost is invaluable. Without a proper building survey, however, many maintenance companies will hire scaffolding, spending money that is unnecessary, only to discover that they haven’t been able to fully…

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Safety Myths About Rope Access

Rope access is one of the safest ways to carry out high access maintenance and repairs in the industry. The problem is, there are a lot of safety myths about rope access. While it may appear that rope access is dangerous, it’s completely safe. These are a few things that may help clear up the safety myths.

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