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Our expertise in painting building exteriors covers both residential and commercial projects. We have painted and waterproofed lighthouses, steelworks, listed buildings, and many tall houses in London.

Below you can see the BBC News coverage of our exterior painting and waterproofing at The Old Lighthouse in Dungeness. It needed urgent restoration, involving, stitching and filling of masonry cracks before applying 4 layers of waterproof paint – approximately 1.4 tonnes in total!

We can paint any structure at any height. How can we help you ?

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We are professional painters and decorators based in Sussex, experienced with decorating residential and commercial properties


Call us if you have any questions regarding difficult access building or tall structure, whether it’s inside or outside, Take a look at some of our projects below.


Point Pleasant in Wandsworth

oint Pleasant is a Street in the Greater London Urban Area of Wandsworth  and measures approximately 329 metres long.

Point Pleasant crosses the following postcode sectors:

  • SW15 2 (for 44 metres)
  • SW18 1 (for 285 metres)

The average house in Point Pleasant sells for £798,275.49

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Where do we start ?

We simply start at the top and work down!

All our equipment is taken up with us, and once we’re anchored safely onto our eyebolts from the top of your building, we start work.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in exterior building painting means that we know what paint products to apply depending on the state, structure and location of your building.

Waterproofing is so important

Painting the exterior of a building isn’t simply a case of applying a few coats of paint.

There’s a lot of preparatory work to be done to unsure that the building is completely waterproofed so that the paint can do its job of providing first level protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At the Dungeness Lighthouse, we used 4 coats of paint (a total of 1.4 tonnes!), two of which were purely for waterproofing whilst the two top layers applied the colour.

Less Disruption

When you need to repaint the outside of your building and the building is taller than just a few stories, there are usually only two options available; erecting scaffold and hiring ‘traditional’ painters or hiring rope access technicians who are expert exterior painters as well. 

Then there’s the cost consideration and disruption caused by scaffolding. Compare this to the ease of using a rope access company and the minimal time it takes to get set up and started.

Rope access is simply more efficient for exterior painting!

Rope Access is cost effective

Rope access avoids the disruption, cost, public safety risks and time delay of assembling and dismantling scaffolding.

We are able to paint the exterior of  building with relative ease and safely, providing you with a professional finish.

Using Sussex Rope Access to paint your building will prove efficient, fast and cost effective.

Structural Considerations

The fact that your building is exposed to the elements and has visible signs of paint ‘weathering’ is often a case for further investigation to ascertain that the structure has maintained it’s integrity.

We will advise you as to any repair works needed before we begin the repainting.


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