Bird protection

Birds settling and nesting can be a nuisance to your building. It is not only the unsightly mess that  they can leave on window sills, ledges, signage and lighting but also the risk of damage to the structure of your building and to cables and wiring. Our team of specialist abseilers can install bird deterrents such as exclusion netting and bird spikes to even the most out of reach areas.

Bird control netting is still one of the most effective and popular methods for protecting structures and when installed correctly is 100% successful. Bird control netting is suitable for plant room enclosures, building facad

Problems with birds on buildings can easily be solved with bird control spikes. They cause no harm to the birds and are recommended by the R.S.P.B. and British Wildlife Conservatione, canopies

Bird control wire is a very cost effective bird control system against pigeons and seagulls. An extremely versatile bird control product, bird wire can be adapted to protect most buildings against pest birds.

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